The final kernel log line is TSC doesn't count with p0 frequency and various messages RE cgroups before that, could be a red herring. The switch is greyed out in my machines. import resize from './mixins/resize', 良心网易云,听歌来云村。不得不说网易云音乐非常关照ubuntu用户了,提供deb包下载,只需要简单几步,就可以像在, 支持本地书签、tab页、历史记录搜索; 集成CSDN搜索结果; 他是一个时间转换工具; 他是一个计算器; 他是。。。,更多功能正在添加中,,,, 查到新版本 VirtualBox 6.0 开始是已经兼容 win10 的虚拟机平台的,包括 Hyper-V 的使用。于是在我的家庭版 Windows 上安装了 Hyper-V,问题没变。然后顺便体验了下 Hyper-V 安装 Ubuntu,并不好用。, 查到有说新版本 VirtualBox 有 bug,于是把版本降到了 5.3,变成了另一个问题。估计就是旧版本与新版 Windows 的兼容问题。, 再去“启动或关闭 Windows 功能”配置页面,去掉“虚拟机平台“,去掉 Hyper-V,重启。问题还在。. Hyper-V + WSL2与 VirtualBox 共存 这样的教程网上有很多,我先简单复述一下。真正麻烦的是我遇到的问题——开启 Hyper-V 后我的电脑会多出几个删不掉的虚拟显示器来,会在文章

其实这里只有两个大选择:WSL 1和VM。WSL 1用的是Windows内核模拟的各种系统接口。虽然可以运行大部分Lin… I tried enabling the Windows Hypervisor Platform to see what that would do but that didn't change anything.

I can confirm that 6.1.14 still produces frequent hash sum mismatches, as @nchengyeeshen reported, and network issues. I also managed to update it via apt with no cryptographic errors. I'm on an AMD platform (Ryzen 7 2700x). 步骤1.

VirtualBox 6.1.16が公開されました。このバージョンでは、長らく待たれていたWSL2やHyper-Vとの共存がサポートされています。 こちらでも、VirtualBox 6.1.16をインストールしてUbuntu 18.04とCentOS 7でsudo apt upgaradeとsudo yum updateが完了しすることを確認しました。 2. Do you have the Pro version of Windows? I just reinstalled VirtualBox 6.1.14 as @xwh16 suggested., i7-2600K, still broken for me with VirtualBox 6.1.16 Windows Home x64 2004. 罪魁祸首: 尝试启用 WSL2,执行了 Enable-WindowsOptionalFeature -Online -FeatureName VirtualMachinePlatform。然后发现现在 win10 系统是 1903,还不是预览版,无法使用 wsl2 功能。并且,这么一弄,把 VirtualBox 虚拟机搞坏了。挺悲催,这事儿花了我不少时间,最后还竹篮打水一场空。, 最后,又看了一些英文论坛,有提到一种关闭 Hyper-V 的方法。在前面操作的基础上,以管理员启动 powershell,执行:, 《Windows WSL 及 Windows Terminal 工具》:, beaplat: Doing so had the unfortunate side effect of making my Fedora 31 x64 VirtualBox 6.1.14 r140239 (Qt5.6.2) VM act strangely...assigning 4 CPUs caused Guru Meditation when booting the VM, assigning 2 CPUs seemed to fix the issues, but then I get ZLIB checksum errors when trying to install Node packages. VT-x, Nested Paging and Default paravirtualization interface (which seems to default to Hyper-V, since that is shown on the machine settings snapshot below). I moved my entire workflow to WSL2 and have stopped using VirtualBox for now. Windows features enabled: Hyper-V, Virtual Machine Platform, Windows Hypervisor Platform, Windows Subsystem for Linux. @emedez @nchengyeeshen I still have problems booting ubuntu 20.04 Desktop x64 on win 10 pro x64 host with wsl2 (fully upgraded 2004, enabled Hyper-V as well as Hypervisor Platform and Virtual Machine Platform in system functions) with VirtualBox 6.1.16 - still blinking _ from live cd boot. VB 6.1.16 + WSL 2 seems to work for me now on Win 10 Pro with i7-6700K CPU and these installed options: Virtual Machine Platform, Windows Hypervisor Platform and WSL, but not the Hyper-V Platform. @ciarancourtney I'm out of ideas ‍♂️ . EDIT: The installation crashed shortly after. Vagrant is useful for simulating various infrastructure scenarios, this comes handy in testing and developing ansible playbooks.
For Windows features, I have neither Hyper-V nor the Windows Hypervisor Platform installed. 启动wsl时报错: ==参考的对象类型不支持尝试的操作==2. Intel Core i5-8250U CPU @ 1.60GHz - 1.80 GHz (8 cores). It was said WSL2 Docker Desktop has seamless running on Windows 10 Home as well. I just tried installing VirtualBox 6.1.14 on Windows 10 with WSL2 installed, and I get exact same problem as original poster of this issue. "Windows Hypervisor Platform" and "Virtual Machine Platform" disabled. Quiet sad for WSL2 Docker Desktop, Windows never stand well with Linux. VirtualBox启用hyper-v支持2. 很高兴对你有帮助,文章有价值了!嘿嘿, 火山上的企鹅: I'll post again when more informative testing can be documented. I experience the same problem.

We use essential cookies to perform essential website functions, e.g. Windows - @yuchenyang1994 - 虽然基于虚拟机了,但是我觉得体验依然还好首先,本地硬盘的读取速度接近原生了,其实我觉得之前关了 WD,也没有说慢到无法忍受,但是更快了后还是觉得挺香的。相比虚拟机的话,体验好处如下1. I confirm these kinds of errors on VirtualBox version 6.1.14 r140239. Hyper-V - OFF Under that situation, I simply need the IP address it's running on and then I adjust my windows 'hosts' file to route domains to it. At first sight, it looks like the latest test builds of Virtualbox doesn't produce hash sum mismatches and network issues.

If it doesn't work then you can try running the following command (enable Hyper-V): I did both so I am not sure if the instruction in #536 (comment) is sufficient.

错误处理1. Although there certain flaws when running docker-compose ( volume mount, network access ) , but managed to resolve it finally. Windows 2004中的wsl2新特性3. Windows 2004中的wsl2新特性3. By clicking “Sign up for GitHub”, you agree to our terms of service and References 1. 大佬666,看了之后受益很大。, Problem B: 求其最大公约数和最小公倍数 I saw a thread in the VirtualBox forum that said this problem will be fixed in the upcoming release (maybe 6.1.16).