What is IGU ?



International  Geographical Union (IGU) is an organization established in 1922 to serve as a permanent body linking geographers all over the world  who had previously  come together only for the international congresses (IGC). The Union comprises three main elements: the Executive Committee and the Secretariat; the Member Countries (a small country with only a few geographer may become an Associate Member); the Commissions.

The Executive Committee consists of a President, seven Vice - Presidents chosen as widely as possible from member countries throughout the world, and a Secretary-Treasurer who is in charge of a small secretariat of paid officers. The Executive Committee holds office from the end of one international congress to the end of the next, and makes recommendations for its continuance. These are put before the General Assembly of the Union, consisting of the delegates of member countries, who vote by countries, each member country being required to set up a National Committee to represent it (usually the Academy where such exists). Between congresses scientific and other work is carried on by Commission and Working Groups appointed by the General Assembly at each corresponding members and hold its own meetings. Each reports to the next congress and may be reappointed for a further period if its work is incomplete. The secretarial publishes the IGU Bulletin in English and French. ICA.