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Dated – May 12, 2014 (Monday)
Subject: Submission of the Application for the IGU Full Membership
Reference: Professor Mike MEADOWS’s e-mail received on the April 25, 2014.
Dear Secretary-General,
How do you do? I thankfully received your kind response together with certain valuable
information about the IGU and the requirements for its membership on the 25th April, 2014.
Since then, the GAM Head-office and the Foreign Relations Sub-committee were asked in
accord with your advice, to make preparatory works and necessary arrangements for the
submission of formal application in due course as regards the IGU Membership. Now almost
everything needed for this purpose has been done, the application is ready to be conveyed to
you in the near future.
One of the five major objectives mentioned in the constitution of GAM is to have closer
relations and collaborations with the International Geographical Union (IGU) and other
geographic organizations across the globe. In order to fulfill this noble purpose, now we are
sending this official letter of application for the IGU Full Membership together with certain
required documents as you advised.
The GAM will promote the goals and programmes of the IGU in Myanmar with specific
reference to international aspects. We will diffuse information from the Executive Committee
to the geographers in our country and report every four years to the Executive Committee
about our activities and the state of geography in Myanmar.
With best regards!
Your sincerely,
Prof. Maung Maung AYE
Rector-in-Charge (Retd.), Yangon University of Distance Education, Yangon, Myanmar
[Ex. Professor/Head, Department of Geography & Dean, Faculty of Earth Sciences, Dagon
University, Yangon, Myanmar]
Member of the Ph.D. Steering Committee in Geography, Y.U., Myanmar since 1995
President, Geographical Association of Myanmar (GAM), Yangon, Myanmar
Patron & Chief Advisor, Myanmar Environment Institute (MEI), Yangon, Myanmar
Vice-Chairman, Environment and Economic Research Institute (EERi), Myanmar
Dean, Myanmar Green Development (MGD), Yangon, Myanmar
Patron, Treasure Land Development Association (TLDA), Yangon, Myanmar
Patron, Myanmar Sustainable Development Engineering Services (MSDES), Yangon
Patron, Myanmar Archaeological Association (MAA), Yangon, Myanmar
Member, Myanmar Academy of Arts and Science (MAAS), Yangon, Myanmar
Visiting-Professor & Foreign Research Fellow, the University of Tokyo, Japan (2000)
Member, IGU Commission on Hazard and Risk, International Geographical Union
Member, National Commission of Enquiry on Letpadaungtaung Copper Mining Project
Tel: +95-1-394758 (Residence);
H.P.: 09-73901642
E-mail: maungaye3246@gmail.com