This collection will help you understand how to begin feeding your imagination with sci-fi stories that spark ideas and constraints that challenge you to turn ordinary solutions into original inventions. The team at Stanford eCorner believes in the powerful combination of evidence and …

Stanford’s entrepreneurial ecosystem is rich and diverse, with deep ties to Silicon Valley and regions around the world. Whether you’re looking to make a career move, reach that promotion, or just expand your knowledge, our professional education programs in innovation and entrepreneneurship are designed to help you reach your goals while still maintaining your career. Like lush natural habitats, startup ecosystems thrive under specific environmental conditions. The grants allow researchers to bridge the gap between research support for basic science and private-sector and venture funding. Our innovation and entrepreneurship professional education consists of mostly online, self-paced courses that will prepare you to make an immediate impact on your career.

Entrepreneurial Leadership Graduate Certificate, Stanford Center for Professional Development, Energy Innovation and Emerging Technologies, Essentials for Business: Put theory into practice.

Original stories about entrepreneurship and innovation from Stanford experts. In this session, we look at the particular challenges of new ventures in …

Take a deep dive into the wide-ranging aspects of entrepreneurial success. Stanford University. 2019-09-15T21:58:50-07:00 We promote the success of entrepreneurial ventures of all Stanford Alumni with education, networking, exposure, and community. In the Stanford Innovation and Entrepreneurship (SI&E) Certificate Program, you’ll discover innovation and entrepreneurship as practiced at Stanford and in the Silicon Valley.

By empowering connections, we create a culture of happenstance to help bridge students' education, ambition, and meaningful work. Summary: This is the first of two sessions where we discuss the differences between an idea and an opportunity. You can learn to be creative and innovative. US-ATMC is an education and research center with a focus on practical perspectives in international technology management and an analysis of international research trends in selected areas of advanced electronics and information technology. The club sponsors a variety of group events with venture capitalists and entrepreneurs, including small group dinners, speaker series, workshops and social events. SPARK was created in 2007 to help academic researchers and clinicians develop new therapeutics and diagnostics to improve patient health.
We invite you to learn about our member organizations below. Through the generous support of Cisco and other donors, Stanford eCorner is free for aspiring entrepreneurs and educators. The Stanford Entrepreneurship Network (SEN) is a working group of university programs and student groups offering opportunities for the Stanford community to learn and explore various aspects of entrepreneurship. Functional Courses.

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CS + Social Good empowers students to leverage technology for social good by inspiring action, facilitating collaboration and forging pathways toward change. They invest in teams where cognitive diversity is valued, where boards are filled with engaged advisors, and where failure and risk are rewarded. Its aim is both to inform and to inspire. Conversations on the leading edge of entrepreneurship, featuring Stanford faculty and other experts on strategy, creativity, technology and smart growth. Ooops. A legal mind adds depth and foresight to an entrepreneur’s toolkit.

Published at the Stanford Center on Philanthropy and Civil Society, SSIR bridges academic theory and practice with ideas about achieving social change. SPARK educates faculty, postdoctoral fellows and graduate students on the translational research process and path to clinic so that development of promising discoveries becomes second nature within our institution. Stanford… The program will assist participants to develop prototypes, conduct customer trials and develop a more business-centric application of their concepts. Learn how to transform your organization and manage your entrepreneurial ideas. SSIR is written for and by social change leaders in the nonprofit, business, and government sectors who view collaboration as key to solving environmental, social, and economic justice issues. LEAD leverages Stanford Graduate School of Business faculty and curriculum to provide you with the tools and techniques to become a more effective change maker and leader. Visit the Grad Updates website for the latest communications a…. Our community approach creates diverse opportunities for education, professional development, advising and mentoring, and growing one’s business and investment portfolio. Our founders are also able to take advantage of our incredible community of speakers and mentors, which includes top-tier investors, entrepreneurs, and operators.

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Stanford GSB, Stanford University, and Silicon Valley provide exemplary conditions for idea incubation. Spark new ideas and solve challenges that matter to you by bringing design thinking to your workplace. Stanford Journalism is part of that transformation, empowering students to produce work that is multimedia, data-intensive, entrepreneurial, and influenced by design thinking. Epicenter’s mission is to empower U.S. undergraduate engineering students to bring their ideas to life for the benefit of our economy and society. Along the way, our students develop a process for producing creative solutions to even the most complex challenges they tackle.
Students at Stanford GSB have the unique opportunity to custom-tailor their curriculum, with over 60 courses in entrepreneurship and innovation to choose from. Extant research that examines competitive moves and their performance focuses on large fi rms such as market leaders (Ferrier, Smith, and Grimm, 1999) and …

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StartX is an educational non-profit that accelerates the development of Stanford’s top entrepreneurs through experiential education and collective intelligence. By submitting this form, I consent to Stanford University’s collection and use of any data, including personal data, contained in the form for the purposes of evaluating our programs, events and offerings, and better understanding our constituents. The School of Medicine Career Center provides critical support for the exploration of career options, development of professional skill sets, and connections to opportunities.

Our goal is to transform the lives of people in poverty — on a massive scale — through innovation, entrepreneurship, and the scaling of businesses. Earn academic credit for each graduate course completed. Responsive … This collection highlights key insights to help you understand how to foster an innovative organization. Emphasis is on high-tech industries across Asia, and their impact on the U.S. science & technology community.

Culture informs decisions to hire and fire, determines the speed with which new strategies are implemented, and even shapes a team’s tendency towards safe or novel ideas.

In this program, you will: Learn online, with the option to attend a course on campus once every year, Take courses on your own time, at your own pace, Complete 8 courses to earn a professional certificate. With that information in hand, you can pitch your startup in a way that resonates with the incubator or accelerator ... 450 Serra Mall, Stanford… Although a legal perspective is most apparent in the context of a legal problem, it is valuable in any context.